I have told any number of people that I would blog my travels. So here it is; drop me a note sometime if you enough reading this or have suggested travel destinations.

My first journey is to Palo Duro Canyon, a Texas State Park, near Amarillo. After a hectic week of packing I got off at about noon on Saturday. A little later than I expected but not bad given everything to be done before leaving. I think I got all the necessary things done. I know I have packed far more than I will need for this 10 day trip but how does one decide what is essential and what you only think you need. Of course you also have to be conscious of the fact that you have space and weight limitations. As I say I have packed more than I need and the bigger challenge is trying to remember where I packed this. Such as the directions to the park! I am sure they will turn up shortly.

I had several thought on what I should write while driving this afternoon. Of course now that I can put this together many f them have fled. The afternoon started when a nice lady asked me about the RV and how much fuel it took while I was filling up at the WalMart. THe 80 gallon capacity made her stop and think for a moment. She shared that they were thinking of getting an RV in a few years; I recommended she look at used vehicles.

It took about an hour and a quarter to get west of Atlanta, so I decided to stop for a late lunch before crossing over into Alabama. On the whole things went well; not a lot of traffic and the RV itself handled well. Needless to say I am not the fastest vehicle on the road but it was easy to maintain a good pace, a little below the speed limit.

After crossing what seemed a long time I made it to Mississippi. The folks at the welcome center offered me a cup of coffee and shared the location of a Corp of Engineers park and several state parks that were available on my route. It wasn’t too late but I decided to stop early and get a good night’s rest. It was much easier to get set up at the Whitten Campground, near Fulton, than is was at home. I thinking pull through parking helped.

Still working on getting settled in but I think I will be good by the time I get to Palo Duro Canyon. Tomorrow I will work on adding photos to the blog but for now check my Facebook page.